St. R.C. has faculty members who share with students the excitement of character self-confidence and the courage to depend on one’s strength and develop extensive interests to visualize wide horizons.

The School is really proud to have such an active and dynamic staff in the School. 

Smart Class

St. R.C. School, Shamli has come up with a comprehensive technology integration program that is designed to empower teachers with technology right inside the classroom. The Program ensures integration of technology in the school education.

The advantages of this concept are: 

  • The students can understand the concepts better by viewing a real life picture on the monitor.
  • The communication gap between student and teacher is reduced.
  • The learning process is made enjoyable as students take interest in viewing the audio-viewing the audio-visual effects.
  • The images on the monitor help to memorize the concepts immediately
  • Improves teachers effectiveness and productivity.
  • Brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life.
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Enables multi-sensory learning in classrooms.
  • Improves academic performance of students.
  • Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.

Activity Centre for Creative and Performing Arts 

The school boasts of a complete area devoted entirely to the Arts. This includes aspects of creative as well as performing arts.

Performing Arts are given a special place in the School. Our students are provided with compulsory Music education for one and all. Every student finds expression to his or her rhythm and thereafter, hones these talents.

From contemporary to classical, students are exposed to all forms of art, so that they find their own note in life. The objective of the school in this regard is to ensure that each student is given an opportunity to find his or her own latent talents and is encouraged and guided to hone and improve these.

The School offers training in various musical instruments, Folk and Western dances along with Vocal Music. As a result of this enviable combination of excellent facilities, competent faculty and programming, students at School today have formed excellent bands/musical groups in both Western and Classical Music.

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