• Red Card: To be issued by the Rep for a period of three days and signed by the Principal. The card would be returned to the Rep. Three red cards would mean one yellow card. The card is to be issued for the following:
    • Repeated careless and untidy work.
    • Coming to school in improper uniform.
    • Coming late to school.
    • Not bringing the almanac to school.
    • Misbehavior in bus and classroom.
    • Missing Monday test.
    • Not submitting an application for absence immediately after joining back.
    • Coming to school in self driven scooter, motorcycle or car.
  • Yellow Card: To be issued by the rep for 4 days. This is to be signed by the Class Teacher, Rep, House Warden and Parent. This is also to be signed after every period by the concerned period teacher. At the end of 4 days, card to be signed by the principal and returned to rep. Two yellow cards would mean suspension from school for 3 days. Three yellow cards would mean expulsion from the school. Yellow card will be given for:
    • Missing classes (bunking), assembly, SUPW, library, PE, etc.
    • Inappropriate behaviour in the school premises.
    • Cheating during any test or exam.

Damaging school property.

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