Educational and Recreational Outings

Where learning and fun meet Picnics, outings, package tours, study trips and educational tours are regularly organized for the students of St. R. C. School. Such informal events and outings introduce the Dipsites to a multi-dimensional life outside the school. Picnics and excursions to places of historical interest and trips to hill stations provide a first-hand exposure that supplements what is taught in the classroom. Taking full advantage of the natural beauty of the area, trekking and camping expeditions are organised with at least one major trip taken by all students every year.

Computer lab

The school lays special emphasis on computer education. It has been introduced from 3rd to 12th classes. This keeps students in touch with most modern lines of computer world. The laboratory is equipped with computers having facilities. Special attraction of the Computer Laboratory is the IT facilities (as recommended by C.B.S.E., Delhi) The other special charm is the introduction of Networking (Lane). Latest systems like P-III and P-IV have been introduced. We provide one system for only two students at a time.

Physics lab

St. R. C. Physics laboratory is a well equipped, spacious laboratory. All the equipments as prescribed by CBSE are provided in order to practise practical work and experiments. Practical equipment is for light, heat, electronics etc. are separately arranged. For creating extra interest among the students, many different enthusiastic modern facilities of physics experiments have been introduced such as slides, photo film projector etc.

Chemistry lab

St. R. C. Chemistry laboratory is a big room with shelves, Drawers, Desks, Basins with taps and underground gas supplying burners for several students at a time. It has separate balance, room, separate store for keeping chemicals and other instruments, gas system for burners, good ventilation to remove harmful gases produced at the time of experiments, acid and base proof articles, electronic balance for quick measurement, first aid facility, to check fire in the laboratory, scientific charts, model and good quality of reagents, distillation plant etc.

Biology lab

St. R. C. Biology laboratory is a well lighted, vast, spacious room with full water supply system arranged by so many dissection trays for a number of students at a time. It has a number of compound Microscopes, Projection Microscopes, binoculars with an electric supply and other accessories like good charts, fibre glass models reinforced clay model acrylic showcases, prepared permanent slides, 3D- plastic model, slide projector, a large number of preserved specimens, and computer facility to show dissection.

English language lab

Another extremely unique feature of the school is its English language lab. Fully equipped with all modern ELT gadgets. The lab can boast of its language encyclopedias dictionaries, ESP packages and a wide variety of other courses, Computer projector and Electronic black-board etc. Teaching is conducted in congenial, sound-proof room so that the learning may be effective.

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